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I Know The Savior Loves Me Because He Gave Me A Family!

TheDiscipleMd A few years ago I was attending the church where my granddaughters were participating in a program for the entire congregation. I was, once again, struck by the innocence of small children and how angelic they can so often look and act. One little girl got up to the podium and said: “I know […]

The Ghosts Of Pioneer Past

TheDiscipleMD I once watched a documentary on the Public Broadcasting Service about animals that live in the desert.  The show highlighted the fact that at first glance it appeared that very few animals lived in such harsh conditions.  As the camera panned the landscape there seemed to be no life.  But, upon closer examination the […]

When Things ‘Go South’, We Should ‘Look North!’

TheDiscipleMD There is always some part of life that is going south. What do I mean? The English idiom “go south” has a distinct meaning related to something going wrong or worsening. If we examine our lives, that idiom is true most of the time. That doesn’t mean that our lives are generally terrible, it […]

Because The Son Rose!

TheDiscipleMD She was holding his hand by his bedside when the rays of warmth from the sun hit the bed and she could see him smile, as he whispered his last words of, “It feels good.” She saw his chest expand then slowly exhale till the last of his breath was out of his body. […]

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