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When Your life Hangs In The Balance…What Do You Think Of?

TheDiscipleMD As our Jeep headed over the embankment, our eyes met! I wondered, as I felt the car start to roll, if this would be the last time our eyes would meet in this life? Was this the way life would end, for me, for my wife, for us both?” (November 21, 2010) We had […]

The Church Of The Unknown Soldiers

TheDiscipleMD If you visit Arlington National Cemetery you would find in the center of it, one of Arlington’s most popular sites, “The Tomb of the Unknowns”. The tomb contains the remains of unknown American soldiers from World War I, II and from the Korean Conflict. It is a place of great reverence. I have visited […]

May We Search The Crowd For ‘His’ Face

TheDiscipleMd I once sat on the stand and listened to a young man give a talk across the pulpit to the congregation in our church. He did an outstanding job. On occasion, I noted that he would stammer and appear as if he lost his train of thought. The first time he did so, I […]

A Lesson About Heaven And Hell From ‘The Twilight Zone’

TheDiscipleMD As I grew up in the 1960’s and 70’s the emergence of television, with its powerful medium of communication, was just starting to exercise its influence on the culture of our country.  One show from my childhood that I vividly remember was “The Twilight Zone.”  You wouldn’t think that a TV show could have spiritual undertones,  but […]

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