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The Thin Line Between Heaven And Here!

TheDiscipleMD A few months ago, my wife and I visited the cemetery where my sister, brother, and brother-in-law are buried. It is always sobering to visit the graveside of a loved one. Once so alive and full of life, they now only read as names on a slab of marble or chunk of granite. I […]

To The Legions of ‘Forgotten Heroes’

TheDiscipleMD In the summer of 1980 we were living in Maryland. That summer my parents were able to get a beach house located on the Chesapeake Bay for a few days. My wife and I, with our young son of just over a year, were excited to go and spend a few days relaxing and […]

“Please Choose Someone Else!”

TheDisicpleMD We all remember playing team games as children. Whether in school or in pickup games around the neighborhood, you always wanted to be chosen first by the team captains. Being “chosen” early is something of an honor. No one wanted to be left standing alone as the last pick. What an insult! While being […]

What I Learned In The Land Of Oz

TheDiscipleMD Having been born and raised in the Washington, D.C., area, I was privy to the building and dedication of one of my religion’s temples. As you round the Washington Beltway, it still stands majestically above the trees and looks like something out of the land of Oz. More times than I can remember, someone […]

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