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Leaving My “Lunch” On The Streets of Philadelphia!

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD A few years back, when we lived in Maryland,  my sister and her husband were visiting from out of town. They, along with my wife and I, strolled the streets of Philadelphia on a walking tour of the city. I’m rarely sick, but that day I was overcome with a violent stomach […]

The Glory Years of Our Lives

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD Several years ago at a church basketball game I planted myself just outside the three-point line. I was looking for a pass because I was open. A teammate saw me and fired the basketball over to me and I let it fly. Swish! A three pointer! My teammates gave me a cheer […]

What Do Each Of Us Value And Are We Communicating It To Others?

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD Prior to his death, each May and December I received a gift from my Dad. May is my birthday month and December is, of course, Christmas. On those occasions, for as long as I can remember, he sent me a book, which I believe he did for all his children.  Most of […]

A “Mite-y” Song From The Heart

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD A few years ago in a church meeting, the congregation was  treated to one of the most beautiful vocal solos I have heard. The brother singing was a professional and I was inspired by the song he sang. While listening I was taken back twenty years to another solo that inspired me.   As a family […]

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