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When Opposition Is Not ‘Loyal’

THEDISCIPLEMD Over the course of years I have listened to and followed, not always exact, but certainly with support, the brethren who have been called to preside over me. Sometimes it is not always clear as to the “whys” of the directions given but I have taken it in good faith that they are inspired […]

Listen To A Prophet’s Voice

TheDiscipleMD We live in “morally turbulent times” What some call “moral”, others decry as “immoral” and visa versa. It has become somewhat of a “morals” game with unlimited opinions as to who is right and who is wrong. This is not a new game. It’s the same game that has been playing out since before […]

Ushering ‘Authority’

TheDiscipleMD It is an interesting thing to watch a man’s authority “go to his head.” I witnessed such a scene this a few summers past at a Orioles baseball game. According to his usher badge his name was “Bob.” He was in charge of the lower section of the stands where we sat to see […]

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