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Saving All The Private Ryans!

Throughout history there have been wonderful examples of unselfish giving of life for others. In the movie “Saving Private Ryan”, after being informed of the death of three brothers in the war, there is a letter read aloud by the General who orders for the “saving” of Private Ryan. ” “Dear Madam: “I have been […]

We Cannot Have Spirituality Without Service

TheDiscipleMD Spencer W. Kimball counseled us: “I know a man whose every thought through three quarters of a century had been for and of himself. … He had sought to keep his life for himself, and to gather all the good things of life for his own development and enjoyment. Strangely enough, trying to keep his […]

Pray To God, But Row For Shore

TheDiscipleMD “There exists a Divine partnership between God and man that is wonderfully depicted in the following story. A young minister was driving through the countryside when he spotted a farmer tilling 40 acres of magnificent farmland. The minister pulled over and addressed the farmer, “God has certainly blessed you with a wonderful piece of […]

What “Waiting For Godot’ Taught Me!

TheDiscipleMD I don’t remember much from my eleventh grade English class, but I do remember reading “Waiting for Godot!” It is a famous play that was written by Samuel Beckett, which premiered in 1953. It was voted “the most significant English language play of the twentieth century”. I distinctly recall that my English teacher read […]

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