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A ‘Haunting’ Lesson From A Halloween Past

TheDiscipleMD The other night I was reminiscing with my wife about a Halloween night of my childhood. I don’t recall exactly what age I was, but I know I was around ten. As kids we normally traveled in small packs on Halloween night, more than two but less than six. On this night I had pared […]

Whose Your G-Daddy?

TheDiscipleMD I only have one memory of him. I don’t know why it has stayed with me. As I recollect, he and I were alone watching the Lawrence Welk Show on TV one night back in the sixties. I’m sure there were other family members in the room but I only remember him because of […]

The Life And Thoughts Of A Man Of God

TheDisicpleMd My father was a man of much wisdom and stature due to the nature of how he chose to live his life. “Chose” is the key word.  His privately published book entitled “From Wendell To Washington” is full of great stories and antidotes. Most noteworthy are the great pearls of wisdom and testimonies found […]

When He Hath Tried Me, I Shall Come Forth As Gold!

TheDiscipleMD Recently a good friend of mine lamented to me that she found herself on her knees one night, begging for the Lord’s mercy and divine intervention. When it didn’t arrive on time, she related to me that she looked towards the heavens and cried, “Where are you?” My friend’s experience was very similar to […]

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