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A Miracle From On (Mile) High!

TheDiscipleMD I don’t care how often professional football players bow their head in prayer after scoring a touchdown or how many times they point to the sky recognizing deity in their lives, I doubt that God cares one bit about who wins and loses football games, or any game, at any level…but I do…because on occasion […]

My Night In ‘La La Land’

TheDiscipleMd I hate to be late to a movie! So it was that when my wife and I arrived to see ‘La La Land’ at the theater, the lights had just gone down. My eyes were still trying to adjust to the darkness when I caught my foot on the stairs going up to the […]

When Bright Lights Turn Into Shooting Stars!

TheDiscipleMd THE 6TH MOST POPULAR POST OF 2016- JANUARY 29TH I don’t think there is anything as painful as losing a small child to death. Be it to an accident, sickness, or losing them at birth; there is an emptiness created that cannot be filled. For some of us, death has knocked at our doors, […]

Why I Admire Jimmer!

TheDiscipleMD THE 9TH MOST POPULAR POST OF 2016- FEBRUARY 24TH Yes, he did attend the same university as I did. Yes, he is also the same faith as I am and yes, he was an incredible college basketball player. All those were reasons I ‘followed’ him when Jimmermania swept the country in 2011. Jimmer Fedette […]

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