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Prove To Me That God Exists!

TheDiscipleMD Over the course of my life I have had a number of conversations with individuals who challenge the existence of a supreme being. They want some kind of proof that a God exists. A number of years ago I took some church youth on a short hike. Prior to the hike I had gone up the trail  […]

There Will Be No Rent To Pay And Nobody Will Ever Put You Out Again!

TheDiscipleMD Service to others was always a hallmark of the Savior. Thomas Monson told of an example of service that his grandfather displayed when he related the following story.  I remember listening to his talk and feeling that the essence of the gospel was best demonstrated by this story. “My mother’s father, Grandfather Thomas Condie, also taught me a […]

Faith Carries Us to The Moon…And Beyond!

TheDiscipleMD I was thirteen-years old when, as a paperboy in the suburbs of Maryland, I stuffed the early morning July issue of the Washington Post into mailboxes. That morning’s headline screamed, ‘THE EAGLE HAS LANDED’-TWO MEN WALK ON THE MOON. I believed what I read! Some, never have. Faith has been and always will play […]

Memories That Linger Longer

TheDisicpleMd Somehow, many years ago, a good woman from church found out that I liked a good soup and knowing that I would not have time to go home between meetings and interviews, she, on numerous occasions, brought homemade soup to the Bishop’s office for me. Over the years I have never forgotten her small […]

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