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There Will Be No Rent To Pay And Nobody Will Ever Put You Out Again!

TheDiscipleMD Service to others was always a hallmark of the Savior. Thomas Monson told of an example of service that his grandfather displayed when he related the following story.  I remember listening to his talk and feeling that the essence of the gospel was best demonstrated by this story. “My mother’s father, Grandfather Thomas Condie, also taught me a […]

Faith Carries Us to The Moon…And Beyond!

TheDiscipleMD I was thirteen-years old when, as a paperboy in the suburbs of Maryland, I stuffed the early morning July issue of the Washington Post into mailboxes. That morning’s headline screamed, ‘THE EAGLE HAS LANDED’-TWO MEN WALK ON THE MOON. I believed what I read! Some, never have. Faith has been and always will play […]

Memories That Linger Longer

TheDisicpleMd Somehow, many years ago, a good woman from church found out that I liked a good soup and knowing that I would not have time to go home between meetings and interviews, she, on numerous occasions, brought homemade soup to the Bishop’s office for me. Over the years I have never forgotten her small […]

The Praise of Man Stays on the Field of Play, While the Character of an Individual Travels Far Into the Eternities.

TheDiscipleMD I followed him throughout his career. He was touted as the next Mickey Mantle but never lived up to the hype. In 2008 Bobby Murcer died of brain cancer at the sage of 62. Most people know who Mickey Mantle is, even if they are not baseball fans. But Murcer’s name will not be remembered by most. He […]

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