Memories That Linger Longer


Somehow, many years ago, a good woman from church found out that I liked a good soup and knowing that I would not have time to go home between meetings and interviews, she, on numerous occasions, brought homemade soup to the Bishop’s office for me. Over the years I have never forgotten her small gesture of kindness. Many times, it is the little things that make a difference!

Many people have served me over the years, some by making great sacrifices. Their great acts of kindness will never be forgotten! But sometimes we don’t have the means, time or opportunity to give others great bouquets of flowers or fancy meals. However, “little acts” of kindness can be just as powerful. Single flowers when placed together over time, can make for a beautiful and unforgettable arrangement! A good friend recently told of a lesson he learned as a young missionary many years ago. He told of how a brother related to him that his wife, mother, and grandmother were the best cooks he had ever known because they had prepared his food with the most important ingredient, love!

So what is the value of a bowl of soup or a single flower given in love and kindness? It’s worth is far beyond the physical taste of the spice or the scent of a rose. One small act of kindness can linger and come back again and again to bless they who receive, and they who give. It’s a memory that lingers longer, and grows sweeter and sweeter through the years.

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