Faith Carries Us to The Moon…And Beyond!

I was thirteen-years old when, as a paperboy in the suburbs of Maryland, I stuffed the early morning July issue of the Washington Post into mailboxes. That morning’s headline screamed, ‘THE EAGLE HAS LANDED’-TWO MEN WALK ON THE MOON. I believed what I read! Some, never have.

Faith has been and always will play a central role in our personal beliefs because no matter what we do, we cannot qualify the truthfulness of everything. Most of what I have learned in this life, both secular and religious, is not due to experience, rather, it is having faith in what I am being taught in the schools and churches of this world. I have faith that man landed on the moon because I was shown images of this event and have listened to a few testimonies of men who have reportedly been on it. My faith in their testimonies overrides others who to this day say that it was a hoax. A testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ is not too different. We have testimonies of those who say they saw Jesus Christ rise from the dead. I believe them! There are tangible objects, such as rocks, that testify that man did land on the moon back in 1969. So too, the Bible and additional writings, which are tangible, stand as evidence that Jesus did live, die, and resurrect. Russell M. Nelson has said;

“…it takes real faith in the Lord and in His gospel to withstand attacks from the adversary. I urge you to deny yourselves of all ungodliness, both physical and spiritual. Keep a firm grasp on the iron rod of the gospel!… the gospel of Jesus Christ is a sure foundation upon which we can build our individual faith. Some of us are weak: some are strong. We can waffle “like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed, or we can anchor ourselves with cords of spiritual steel, rooted and grounded to the eternal truths of the gospel. Such faith will not prevent life’s problems but will help when things go wrong. Bad things happen to good people. Accidents occur… The Lord is aware of these circumstances. He will bestow all the blessings that He has in store for His faithful children-in His own way and in His own time. Be righteous, be patient, keep an eternal perspective, and you will be protected. Through the years you will note that apostles and prophets teach the rule. We don’t teach exceptions to the rule. Exceptions are left to individual agency and accountability. The Lord knows we live in an imperfect world. He knows it is “ripening in iniquity”. His judgements will be fair, just, and merciful.” (CES Fireside, Feb 6, 2005, entitled “Faith and Families”).

The fourth article of our faith says; ” We believe the first principles and ordinances of the gospel are, first: faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Let us exercise it on a daily basis. Faith is a wonderful thing. It can carry us to the moon…and beyond!

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