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A Season Of Forgiveness

TheDiscipleMd (This wonderful woman passed away a few years ago. She left behind a legacy of forgiveness) Below is a story of forgiveness that I have never forgotten as related by Gordon B. Hinckley.  I quote him. “A time back, I clipped a column from the Deseret Morning News, written by Jay Evensen. With his permission, […]

Can There Be A More Joyful Noise Than The Cry Of A Newborn Babe?

TheDiscipleMD I don’t know for sure what it is about being part of a family. I don’t ever look at any other little kids like I do at my own grandchildren. All the other little boys and girls can be rather annoying to me, but my own; well they can also be annoying from time to time ,but…well their mine.  Yes, there […]

The Blessing Of New Daughters

TheDiscipleMD They make me laugh, they put up with my jokes, they humor me.  Maybe it is just because I am their father-in-law, and they want to keep peace, but I like to think they feel my affection and really do enjoy being with me. I know that I really enjoy being with them! I’m […]

You Have To Touch All The Bases To Get Home!

It just couldn’t be! I was coaching my son’s travel baseball game many years ago when the unthinkable happened! In a semi-final game of our league’s championship tournament, we led 7-6 with two outs in the bottom of the last inning. With a runner on second, the batter launched a long fly ball to left […]

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