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Papa Smurf Would Be Proud!

TheDiscipleMD Several years ago my wife pulled up to the window of our local McDonald’s. The girl behind the counter smiled. She knew my wife loves to collect the latest “toy” that McDonald’s offers in their Happy Meals. My wife loves giving them to our granddaughters. The newest toy collection was tied in with the release of a […]

Our Un-Godly Expectation Of Perfection!

TheDiscipleMD It wasn’t always made exact. Sometimes the pillow laid crooked across the bed and the sheets weren’t even on both sides. In my hurry to school the covers were often tossed up and didn’t look the best. Yet, I don’t recall my Mother scolding me about my “imperfect” bed. As a teenage boy, I […]

When You Suffer From Terminal Niceness

TheDiscipleMD A few years ago I read an article by Darla Isackson titled “Jesus Wasn’t Always Nice.” I quote part of her article: “I’ve suffered from terminal niceness most of my life. It has almost killed me. Why? Because a commitment to niceness can compromise integrity. Integrity is the very essence of the spirit self, […]

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