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Eyes Wide-Open

TheDiscipleMD The world in which we live has such beauty, and can bring such joy to our souls. Yet, this same beautiful world can not only show us, but also give us such pain. On those occasions, sometimes it seems, it would be better to be blind, than to see the pain and suffering that […]

The Greatest Catch I ‘Never’ Made!

TheDiscipleMD Many years ago I was playing in a men’s softball league with a few of my friends. One particular game I remember vividly because it was in this game that occurred “the greatest catch I (n)ever made.” It was a night game and for those who have played under the lights it can be […]

Can I Have Your Autograph?

TheDiscipleMD A number of years ago my sons, brother and I attended a game between the Baltimore Orioles and the Philadelphia Phillies. My nephew was pitching that day and we gave him a ride home from the stadium after the game was over. He had pitched well as I recall.  We had to wait around outside the stadium […]

A ‘Peck’ Of Respect

TheDiscipleMD A “peck” can be defined as a ‘light kiss’ or ‘a large amount of something.’ In the case of my wife, she gave me both in a quick moment we shared this past year. Let me explain. Last year presented a number of challenges for us as a couple, and no matter how long […]

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