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Let Us Add “A Fifth” To Our Thanksgiving Meal!

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD Thanksgiving has always been a favorite holiday of mine. It usually involves the four “F’s”; family, friends, football, and food. Who could ask for more? Often lost, though, is the purpose of the holiday. The first American Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621, to commemorate the harvest reaped by the Plymouth Colony after […]

 The Power Of Small Acts of Kindness

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD Many years ago, I spoke at the baptism of a man whose wife had been a member of my church for many years.  In my remarks, I emotionally recounted and thanked her for being kind enough to bring me soup many times while I was serving as Bishop. Somehow she had found […]

When You’re Sixty!

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD A RE-POST FROM A FEW YEARS AGO (OBVIOUSLY) Today, May 12th,  is the day “I lived a good life.” Today I turn sixty years old. The big one! If I had passed on yesterday I would have still been fifty-nine and my passing would have been tragic. After all, when you die […]

Is Life Like “Leaves In The Wind?”

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD Years ago, we lived in a house in the woods. The trees gave wonderful shade in the summer, which we enjoyed. But the fall was a different thing. Leaves would fall continuously for what seemed like months and needed to be raked often. I learned that, on windy days, you don’t rake […]

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