Thirteen Lessons I’ve Been Taught By ‘Life’


“There is almost always a price to be paid for declaring oneself a “lone wolf.” The risk of so doing far outweighs any benefit one could derive. Keep close to the family, keep close to the church; keep close to the Lord! We were never meant to travel the road of life as a ‘lone wolf.'”

“There is a certain inner strength that comes to those who don’t succumb to the daily grind of the adversary. In the end, the Lord will give us the strength to overcome all. It may not be in this life, but we are promised that that day will come. Until the sunrise of that day, we need to keep fighting even when we feel we are overmatched. It will build in us noble characteristics that are far more reaching than the momentary glory of man.”

“…it is important to make the Lord part of the process in our decision making, but going directly to Him, or His servants, without doing the necessary homework is making an end run around the learning process that the Lord intended. That intent is evident by the fact that a veil was placed upon our minds when we came to this earth. Personal development through decision making is a key part of our agency in this life.”

‘…the process by which we gain, and then become humble, takes time, experience, and faith. Perhaps that is why the Savior requires so much unrecognized sacrifice. It is the key to humility. I am sure that all of us will feel “overlooked” at sometime in our life. But remember, it is a good lesson in humility, and that “humility” makes someone the “greatest” in the kingdom of our Father, not an office in the church.”

“There are some individuals that don’t want to be found, or rescued. In fact when they see us they run as fast as they can away from us. Others are drowning and when you throw them a life ring they respectfully push it away: again and again. Moral agency is a gift from God our Father. We cannot “force” others to be “found.” We can only provide help and support.

“Often in life, we worry and fret as we enter new waters that hold the “unknown.” Most often ours worries are never realized. The stingrays swimming about are seldom as menacing as they seem. We need to be on alert as we go through life, but letting “fear” paralyze us will retard our growth and take some of the joy out of living.”

“Many of the lives of the prophets testify that life can be good even in rainy times. Certainly the greatest example is Christ himself. It doesn’t appear that he was “bitter” at how his life turned out. We need to grab our trials and make them work for us. As we travel through life, if we make them our friends, they can make us more Christ-like and bring salvation to our souls.”

“To be spiritual doesn’t mean we abandon the physical, we just need to keep it in perspective.”

“Listening to the philosophies of men is like eating cotton candy. When you take a big bite, it quickly dissolves in your mouth, leaving you with a taste, but nothing to swallow.”

“Many have sacrificed “all” for success in their respective fields. They stand tall in the ‘Hall of Fame’ for business, science, athletics, politics and the arts. But when the image is sharpened and magnified, they have oft times left behind fractured families, broken homes, and shattered lives during their quest.”

“It’s amazing what you can do when you have a positive attitude and you place yourself in the hands of a higher power. Miracles can happen and things that we never dream we can accomplish become possible when we walk with the Lord, hand in hand.”

“I think there’s nothing quite like, the warmth of a mother’s arms…I have no clue as to the enormous responsibilities and burden that come with motherhood. I only observe its influence and results. But I’m sure that it is God given, and that all mothers are given their special “guardian” angel to help them on their way, because it’s just too hard and wonderful of a call to do alone.”

“From my experience, there is nary a sermon given in church that in some way doesn’t cause painful memories to surface for at least one of the congregates. Over my life, I too, have felt the sting from time to time from messages or comments delivered that seem to penetrate a sensitive part of my soul. What do we do in such times? The answer was given by my sister some years ago! After suffering the loss of her husband she declared through her pain, “The only reason I go to church is because I have a testimony!” That seems like a simple statement, but it is filled with a profound message.”

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