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“Times They Are A-Changing: But Some Things Need To Stay The Same!”

October 16, 1974 “Dear Scott, I have a few minutes this morning so I thought I would write and let you know how we are all doing- We still hear regularly from Andy.  He is still enjoying his work as Branch President and is teaching some good families. (He was on a full-time mission at […]

Dealing With Discouragement; Down…But Not Out!

TheDiscipleMd Have you ever felt like you are so far behind that you want to quit the game of life? At times, I think all of us have felt that kind of hopelessness.  If you haven’t, the day will come when you surely will! I’m an avid sports fan. I have enjoyed both viewing and […]

The Power Of a Mother’s Encouraging Words Are Eternal!

TheDiscipleMD My Mother would have been ninety-three today.  It has now been over 20 years since she passed.  Recently a scene out of a sitcom brought back a fond memory of her.   One of the characters, speaking of a new girlfriend that had come into his life, told his friend: “She sees things in me […]

“Are You Alright Young Man?”

TheDiscipleMD “To the Office of the First Presidency: Salt Lake City showed me Christian hospitality once during my wandering years. On a cross-country journey by bus to California, I stepped down in the terminal in Salt Lake City, sick and trembling from aggravated loss of sleep caused by a lack of necessary medication. In my […]

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