A Marriage Baked In The ‘Son’

When we walked together, hand in hand, out the temple doors as man and wife on that Thursday afternoon, I’m not sure I really “got it!” After all, I was only twenty-two years old, what did I know about eternity. Together, she and I entered into the great unknown abyss called life. I say “abyss” because no matter how prepared you think you are to tackle it, life is too profound and unfathomable to understand at such a young age, or perhaps, any age.

During these many years my wife and I have scaled mountains together and we have descended into dark valleys. The sun has been shinning most of the time but there have been a few terrible storms we have weathered together. Sometimes it feels like there has been a constant drizzle coming down, yet all the while the warmth of the sun’s rays have been present. While that statement might seem inconsistent, it really isn’t. In life, there always seems to be something “out of order.” Nothing is ever perfect about life, or marriage for that matter. Both ebb and flow, rise and fall, pitch and catch. So in some ways life and marriage are in a never-ending state of “drizzle.”However, what does make a “huge” difference in life and marriage, is the person you choose to travel it with. What also makes a huge difference is if you decide to travel through it with the warmth of the spirit of God on your shoulders, or alone, as a couple. It is “drizzling” most of the time in life, and if you don’t partner up with the Lord, you’ll never find out the paradox of having dark clouds above, but feeling the full warmth of the “Son’s” rays that comes with faith in His love.
The scriptures record the words of Jesus regarding all of God’s children.
“…for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust”. (Matthew 5:45)

The words of the Savior should bring us comfort in knowing that when times get tough, it is not necessarily a reflection of who we are, but rather, that we are all children of a Father in Heaven. So, each of us must travel the road of life. It is the companions we choose that determine if the rocky road will be made easier, or harder.

My hope is that we will serve as a strength to our mates as we continue on our journey together, and that as couples we will ‘bake’ our marriages by the heat of His ‘Rays!’

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