Our Chalkboard Of Dreams!

I began by asking them a simple question: “What characteristics would you like in your future wife?” I went around the room and asked each young man to name something they wanted in the woman they were to marry. As they named a characteristic I would write it on the board. The list was quite interesting and included but was not limited to: pretty, spiritual, smart, good body, wears makeup, good cook, has a testimony, clean, virtuous, beautiful eyes, good mother etc., etc.. The list was quite lengthy. Once the board was filled I said, “Wow, that is some woman!” Then I asked them this question- “Now, what makes you think that a girl like this would marry a guy like you?” The look on some of their faces was priceless. It was apparent to me that they had somehow never thought about that part of the equation.

I proceeded to explain to them that if they desired to marry a woman of that quality that they also needed to bring something to the table. I mentioned a number of things that they needed to do with their lives if they hoped to secure such a women. After all, I told them, the girls have lists about the men they want to marry, just like the list they have given me.

Some of us are married, some of us not. But either way, if we want to find that person, or keep the spouse that we have, we need to live the kind of life that merits his or her company. We need to be the kind of person who’s characteristics are found on the chalkboard of dreams that all of us share. We can all be that person. The formula for the perfect mate is found in the teachings of Christ. If we study His word and apply them to our relationship, we will be that man or woman that dreams are made of!


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