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“If We Seek True Happiness, We Must Expend Our Energies For Purposes Larger Than Our Own Self-Interests”

TheDiscipleMD Spencer W. Kimball counseled us: “I know a man whose every thought through three quarters of a century had been for and of himself. … He had sought to keep his life for himself, and to gather all the good things of life for his own development and enjoyment. Strangely enough, trying to keep his […]

When I Failed To Lead: “An Unheeded Fire Alarm!”

TheDiscipleMD Many years ago I was sitting on the stand at my home ward when the fire alarm went off in the middle of Sacrament Meeting. As the presiding officer, it was my responsibility to handle the situation. I wasn’t upset, as I had heard the fire alarm go off several times during the course […]

The ‘Twitterpated’ Marriage

TheDiscipleMD Many years ago I attended a church activity where the husbands had chosen a short video clip that best showed the circumstance of meeting and falling in love with their wife.  I chose a well-known scene out of Bambi where Thumper is ‘twitterpated’ by a comely bunny.  After watching all the clips we had to […]

When The Head Servant Is “The Chief”

TheDiscipleMD Who is the least in the church of Christ? Presidents and Kings are not bothered with minor mundane things of the day. They symbolically, or often literally, sit on their earthly thrones of glory as their servants, or entourage, stand at their beck and call and take care of the supposed “trivial” things of […]

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