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The Heart Is The Key To Saintly Service

TheDiscipleMD A few years ago in a church meeting, the congregation was  treated to one of the most beautiful vocal solos I have heard. The brother singing was a professional and I was inspired by the song he sang. While listening I was taken back twenty years to another solo that inspired me.   As a family we were […]

I Love My Older Sister!

TheDiscipleMD When you have an older sister it seems you also are blessed with another mother, because you feel secure knowing she is there. When you have an older sister like mine, you really are! When you have an older sister, you are always the ‘little brother’ no matter what your age. And somehow her […]

When The World Is Your Sibling!

TheDiscipleMd Recently my little sister and I had lunch together. We talked of old times, shared good memories, and got updates on our children’s lives. During our lunch she pulled out a few pictures of when we were young; some of which I had never seen before. One in particular was of the two of […]

The Closest Any Man Will Ever Come!

TheDiscipleMD It doesn’t matter who it is,  or what they are laughing about, you are always drawn to it!  Laughter is the Pied Piper of human sounds that beckons you to come join in on the fun.  That being said,  such fun pales in comparison to the sound of your wife’s laughter as it echoes in your home.  The […]

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