Whose Your G-Daddy?


I only have one memory of him. I don’t know why it has stayed with me. As I recollect, he and I were alone watching the Lawrence Welk Show on TV one night back in the sixties. I’m sure there were other family members in the room but I only remember him because of what happened. A musical number came on during the show. People were dancing as a violin played. I guess you might say that the violin player was a ‘fiddler’ of sorts. As the musical number progressed I looked over at him. His eyes became moist and eventually a small tear came out and flowed down his cheek. As a small boy, I remember thinking; “Why is Grandpa crying?” I didn’t know him well because he lived all the way across the United States. I don’t know how often he came but the only memory of him was this moment in time. I can still see him sitting there. Old, somewhat feeble looking with gnarled hands. I never really knew him. The above photo of him, with me on his left and my brother on his right, is the only one of us together that I have.

Some time later, it could have been months or years, I told my Mom about how Grandpa had cried while watching The Lawrence Welk Show on TV. She explained, “My Dad used to play the violin for all the school and church dances when he was younger. He loved to play the fiddle. I’m sure he was sad thinking back and knowing he can no longer fiddle.” If I had known that I might have had a wonderful conversation with my Grandpa about his ‘fiddling’ days and about his life. I missed out!

Do you have a Grandpa that’s living? If it’s possible, spend the time to get to know him. He was once young like you. He had hopes and dreams and asperations. He had talents and has wonderful stories to tell if you take the time to get to know him. Pickup the phone and dial him. Have lunch, go to his house; feel of his spirit. Because soon he will be gone; maybe as soon as tomorrow! Then it will be too late and you will have missed the opportunity to get to know him, and you will be left with the puzzling question in the back of your mind of, “Whose you’re G-Daddy!”

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