The Life And Thoughts Of A Man Of God


My father was a man of much wisdom and stature due to the nature of how he chose to live his life. “Chose” is the key word.  His privately published book entitled “From Wendell To Washington” is full of great stories and antidotes. Most noteworthy are the great pearls of wisdom and testimonies found within the 600-plus pages, starting with the ‘Introduction’ of which I quote.

“This autobiography is not just the story of my life but my view of life as well. For me, mortal life is a ‘Day of Probation,’ as that term is used in the Book of Mormon. This term aptly describes my view of the purpose of this earth life and my conviction that personal life is never ending and that this mortal life is a real test, crucial to the quality of our future life as well as our peace and happiness during mortality. Nephi tells us: “But wo unto him…that wasteth the days of his probation, for awful is his state!” (2 Nephi 9:27) Each one of us must decide what that means. It is vital that we make good decisions in an ever increasingly skeptical, wicked, greedy and amoral society. The principles of the restored gospel give us guidance in our decisions. From the experiences and observations of a long life, I am completely convinced that when we keep the commandments of God as set forth in the scriptures, the teachings of our living prophets and the impressions of our conscience, we prosper in every way. When we do not keep the commandments, the counsel of our leaders, or violate our conscience, we lose the spirit of the Lord, make poor choices and bring unhappiness and unnecessary problems upon ourselves and also upon others around us. We may appear to be successful as defined by the world, but there is always a time of reckoning both in this life and the next. However, repentance can fix these problems if we choose to do that. Repentance is a reflective verb. We can only repent for ourselves. We cannot do it for others.”

He later wrote:
“I know Jesus Christ is the Savior of all peoples, ultimately rescuing them from individual sin. Repentance is the singular message of all these books of scripture.”

A few years ago, the curtain closed on the exemplary life of my father. The most resounding message of his life has been to ‘choose’ the light of Christ because therein lies true happiness, salvation, and exaltation, and it is never too late to turn towards the light.
My salute to a man who continues to inspire, uplift, and carry hope, even from the grave. I honor his life and thoughts that are worthy of a man of God!

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