Dear Daddy!


“Dear Daddy.” That is how the note began that my little daughter wrote on the day I was informed of my sister’s untimely, and unexpected passing; and somehow, finding her note on my pillow that night brought great comfort. The words she wrote were simple and to the point. Her note simply read:

“Dear Daddy, I love you a lot. It’s all right if Aunt Donna dies. She will go to heaven. I hope (you) have a goodnight sleep. FAMILIES WILL ALWAYS BE TOGETHER. Love, Ashley”

And now, over thirty years later, I still have that note. And each time I read it, I can’t help but think of how wonderful it is to have the hope, and the faith, that, as my little 8 year old daughter wrote back then, that “families will always be together.”

Can there be any greater aspiration then the hope that the love we share here, will be shared in the eternities. “Dear Daddy,” she wrote. “Out of the mouth of babes,” they often say, “are fewer truths spoken that are so divine.”

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