When You Dream The Impossible!

My wife and I were in College at the time. We had been married for about three months, and she was already expecting. So, with the help of a friend, we ended up living off-campus at a mortuary. The rent was free rent with the responsibility of cleaning it on a regular basis, and covering one night a week in case of emergencies. At one point, even though I was working two part-time jobs, going to school, and my wife was holding down the cleaning of the mortuary, we ended up with zero dollars in the account and no food left in the house. With no credit and too proud to ask for help from anyone, I was beside myself. When I left for school in the morning, we were flat broke; I told my wife that no matter what, somehow, I was coming home with some cash for food. “Do you believe me,” I asked. She hesitantly nodded. I didn’t think I had thought through the whole thing because as soon as I left and got in the car to drive to the campus, I started sweating and thinking of all kinds of crazy ways I could accomplish the goal I had promised my new wife. I quickly dismissed robbing a bank or some other criminal activity, so all day, I was consumed with how I could make good on my promise.

Throughout my classes, I pondered various ways to earn a few bucks. Alas, when my last class ended at 2:30 that afternoon, I was no closer to my promise than when I had left the mortuary that morning. Discouraged and thinking how much of a loser I was, I got back into my car and started my 15-minute home. I kept going over what I was going to say in my mind. But no matter how much sugar I put on the words, it was clear I had failed to pull off my promise. As I pulled into the mortuary parking lot I heard the DJ on the radio say, “Eighth caller wins two tickets to the Andy Williams concert scheduled for next week. My mind and heart skipped a beat, and I jumped out of the car and ran into the mortuary apartment, all the while repeating out loud the phone number of the radio station. My wife tried to greet me but, I ran right past her to the phone and started dialing. The number was busy, so I tried again! Busy…busy…busy! Then, the voice of an angel came over the phone. “You are the eighth caller and have won the tickets to the Andy Williams concert.” My heart skipped a beat, and I asked for the radio station’s address so I could pick up the tickets. I hung up the phone and told my wife. “I just won two tickets to the Andy Williams concert!” She smiled but neither of us were Andy Williams fans, so I could see in her eyes that questioning look; like “So what!” I said, “I’m going over to the radio station and pick up those tickets, and then I’m going to hit the campus and see if I can sell them.”

Well, I drove to the radio station and picked up those tickets, then drove to campus and started walking around, trying to figure out how to sell my tickets. I stood there looking around, not knowing how to proceed. My sister worked on campus in the Records department, so I thought I might stop in and ask her if she knew anybody who might be interested in seeing Andy Williams in concert. I can still see her sitting there at her desk when I walked in to her office building. I told her about my tickets, and no sooner had I finished telling her my story than the girl sitting at the desk next to her said, “You have tickets to the Andy Williams concert? My husband and I would love to see him in concert.” She asked me how much I would sell them to her for, and I told her that they went for $20 a piece, but I would sell both to her for $30. She smiled, reached into her purse, pulled out some cash, and counted it. “Here you go” she said. I gave her the tickets and thanked her.

I don’t know if I felt the car touch the ground on the way home, and maybe $30 doesn’t sound like a lot of money. But it was back then to me on that day. And you know, when I got home and showed my girl the cash, she threw her arms around me and exclaimed, “You are a miracle worker. I knew you wouldn’t fail!”

Over the past forty-some years, when we were in tight situations, be it emotionally, financially, or spiritually, she would repeat those words to me when the stormy sea seemed to be pouring into our family boat. I would remember the Andy Williams tickets and take courage, knowing that if I believed in myself and trusted in the Lord, we would survive. Just writing about this brings such emotion to my soul.

So when I hear an old Andy Williams song on the radio, mainly when he sings “The Impossible Dream,” I get a little smile, which quickly turns to a lump in my throat. And once again, I am grateful for a Father above who makes miracles happen when we do our part by believing and then working to make that miracle come true by doing our part!

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