When The Scales Fall From Our Eyes!


Have you ever thought about someone else, “Why is this person so unlikable, or how could anyone love someone like him? Or what is their problem?” When we are called to serve individuals such as these, the scales fall from our eyes and something magical happens; we learn to genuinely love them.

A wife of a man I knew told me of how her husband visited with a widowed WWI veteran each Christmas with their children. The man’s face would light up when they would visit him. Her husband had gotten to know him through his church calling. The Veteran had come in to see him often and her husband began to listen to his stories and problems and also his dreams. Oft times it was boring for her husband to listen to him talk on and on but the longer he spent listening to him and counseling with him, his love for this man grew. It was clear that service had been the key in the development of such feelings.

After one visit her husband got back into the car with their children. One of their kids, a boy of 11, leaned over the seat and said to his Dad, “He sure loves you Dad!” As they drove off this woman remembers thinking that her son was learning what she most desired for him to be taught. That you love those you serve and you serve who you love.

“Money can’t buy you love,” sang the Beatles, but loving service to others does. Why do I know this? Because each and every time someone serves me, I can’t help but feel a burst of the spirit of Christ in my soul for that person, and the resulting companion of love, which engulfs my soul, enriches my spirit and softens my heart. Such loves is the ‘clay’ which washes the scales from my eyes!

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