Hope For New Beginnings!


As of yesterday morning, every professional baseball team was tied for first place. It is wonderful to be in that position. As yesterday’s dawn broke, the excitement of each town for “their” team, the hope of a good year, the dreams of a championship are renewed. It was “Opening Day” once more. For towns across America, a new day dawn was breaking. The hymn comes to mind.

The day dawn is breaking, the world is awaking,

The clouds of night’s darkness are fleeing away.

The worldwide commotion, from ocean to ocean,

Now heralds the time of the beautiful day.


Beautiful day of peace and rest,

Bright be thy dawn from east to west.

Hail to thine earliest welcome ray,

Beautiful, bright, millennial day.

(The Day Dawn Is Breaking, no. 52, LDS Hymns)

While the author of this hymn, Joseph L. Townsend, certainly wasn’t thinking of baseball, his joyfully penned words could easily be sung by every hometown fan who have renewed “hope” that this season will be different then the last. This will be the year that the banner is raised in “their” stadium. This is a “new beginning”, and end of the old “losing” ways, and the start of something glorious. It is this “new beginning” that brings a renewal to the hopes and dreams of cities lost.

This weekend is our General Conference. Like a new baseball season, it is a weekend of “new beginnings.” It is a time of renewal and reflection on seasons past. It is a time of renewed hope and faith in the future. It can provide for us a refreshing of our souls. It can be, for each of us, an “opening day and new beginning.”

It is good when we learn from the past, but it is better to look to the future with a renewed determination to live a more full life, by enjoying the bounties of this earth, and being ever grateful to a loving Father who provides it. Let us listen this weekend to the inspired words of living apostles and prophets and apply their words to our lives. Too often we hear the words, but don’t listen to the message. In so doing we deny ourselves the joy that comes with a new season.  Its  “Opening Day” once more and hope for new beginnings!

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