The Danger In Being ‘A Lone Wolf’


I’m sure you have heard the term “Lone Wolf” before. Technically, it is a wolf that lives alone rather than with other wolves as a pack. But when applied to a human, it is a term used to describe someone who spends enough time with a group to be considered a member, but not enough time to be very close to the other members. Such people tend to not take part in the group activities or “get-togethers”. It is also rarely applied to someone who is shy, and tends to refer to someone who simply spends most of their time alone.

Some people take great pride in declaring themselves a “Lone Wolf”. Somehow to them, it means they are “independent” or “free” from group thought. Oft times, they see themselves as smarter and feel they do not need others. And sometimes, in my observation, they are smarter, but, they make a mistake in thinking they don’t need the strength of others. There is a reason that the Lord organized his church before his ascension. He knew the importance to be found in a “community” of saints. Banded together, the early saints drew comfort and strength from one another as they struggled against the adversary. In the end, they were not able to hold things together as persecution fractured their “community” or “pack” and they all became “lone wolves” unto themselves. Isolated and left alone, the organized church gradually disintegrated into apostasy. That is what happens to “lone wolves” when they try to make it on their own.

Everyone knows there is strength in numbers, yet some fail to heed to conventional wisdom and seek their own. Satan and his minions strive to isolate us from the pack and he is succeeding very well these days. He starts with trying to isolate and make “lone wolves” of family members. In years past, the family gathered around the television or radio and what ensued was a bonding of the “pack”. Time was not only spent in being entertained or informed, but also time was spent in interaction and dialogue. When I was a child, my parents would allow one-on-one time by allowing one of us kids to stay up with them to eat popcorn and watch “The Lawrence Welk Show” each Saturday night. I never liked the show, but I always looked forward to spending quality time with my parents. Often, as a family, we played games, most of which might be called silly. But playing silly games wasn’t about cerebral endeavors; it was about bonding together as brothers and sisters, husband and wife, children and parents. Long gone are the days of the one TV household. In many cases today, each bedroom is home to a computer, or laptop, TV, radio, and phone. Each family member spends his or her time alone which makes them more vulnerable to the wiles of the adversary. Isolated and having access to “the world”, is it any wonder that Satan has had so much success in destroying the principal unit that protects the individual. Recently a father lamented to me that he can hardly talk to his children because they are so busy with their phones and iPods that they can scarcely pull their attention away and give him undivided attention. Family car rides, which once provided parents an opportunity to talk with their children in a “forced” environment, are no longer profitable because each child is “hooked” up with the latest technological gadget. Recently I witnessed a family of six at a local restaurant eating together.  What I witnessed was four children on cell phones pecking away, with both parents doing the same.  Six different conversations were transpiring at the table yet none with each other. Many homes of today are places where individuals dwell, but where families are in short supply. It is important that we not allow our homes to become “houses of individuals”, but rather, a sanctuary for our family. The Family Home Evening program is an inspired program from God designed to combat the frontal attack on families.

So too, it is important to stay close to our church family. Some meetings might be boring at times, and we might not like all the people, but the strength we draw from being a part of a “pack” is real. If you have ever had the occasion of being away from church for a few weeks, you know how much regular church attendance is a blessing to your testimony.

Always remember that being a “lone wolf” carries with it great peril to the soul. Together we can be a collection of individuals and yet still be a body of Christ. (1 Corinthians 12:12). The Lord has charged us to be united. In my mind, he has sanctioned “the pack”, not the “lone wolf”. Clearly, this is the way the Lord revealed as the best way to protect the flock. When one ventures outside the divinely appointed family unit, and the church family, one is in great danger of getting lost. There is almost always a price to be paid for declaring oneself a “lone wolf”. Satan is a great promoter of this “lone wolf” concept. The risk of being one far outweighs any benefit one could derive from such a declaration. Keep close to the family, keep close to the church, and keep close to the Lord. We were never meant to travel the road of life as a “lone wolf”.


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