Thank You Reverend Graham!


I have long been an admirer of Billy Graham and his son Franklin. I know they do not see eye to eye with me regarding all doctrinal issues about Jesus Christ, however, they and their crusades have done wonderfully good things in spreading the word of Christ over the past decades. You can’t help but admire people who are doing so much good; even if you don’t theologically agree 100% with them. And so, it touched my heart a few years ago to see that Reverend Graham removed The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints from the list of cults mentioned on his website. Apparently for other evangelicals they think this is a step in the wrong direction. (“Billy Graham Faces Backlash over Mormon ‘Cult’ Removal, Religion New Service, Oct. 24, 2012)

I certainly have no problem in acknowledging, nor does any other Mormon, that there are differences in doctrinal positions we take versus other traditional Christians, but one of them isn’t regarding the divinity of the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ.

“Most evangelicals do not consider Mormons Christian because Latter-day Saints revere Joseph Smith as a prophet, consider the Book of Mormon on par with the Bible and conceive of the Christian Trinity as three separate gods. Mormons acknowledge those differences but insist they are Christians.” (The Washington Post, above article)

Some want to take the above quote a step further by not only saying that we are not Christian, but classifying us as a “cult.” The term “cult” is used by some to minimize, demonize, or delegitimize the Mormon Church. The word “cult” is used to describe the church so as to conjure up images of brainwashing, isolation, and secrecy with evil design as its end. Certainly Christianity in its infancy could have been called a cult and probably was in many circles. I mean it’s a religion that centers around one “man”, one Jesus of Nazareth. Although we believe he was, and is the son of God, we know the Romans didn’t, nor did the vast majority of the Jews. I suppose the Sadducees and the Pharisees called Peter and the rest of the deluded followers “cultist” in order to try to minimize their preaching. But no matter the obstacle, Christianity survived because Jesus actually was the Christ, the son of the living God. The day finally came when the tiny “cult” became a major religion that was accepted by millions upon millions of souls. All true believing Christians have testimonies that Jesus Christ came in the meridian of time to save us from our sins.

Thank you Reverend Graham for having the courage and willingness to stop calling Mormons something they are not. I’ve been a Mormon all my life and have associated with the members of it on a daily basis. I have watched the way they have conducted their lives in an intimate way. If they can’t be classified as Christians, I don’t know who can!

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