Death Of Legend (A Tribute To Teddy Bears)


Several years into my marriage, my wife ‘accidently’ threw away the ‘Teddy Bear’ I had since I was a child of three. In honor of all teddy bears I wrote this eulogy.

“Teddy” the bear has been a good friend of mine for many years. No one knows where or when Teddy was born, he just suddenly appeared in our lives. Earliest reports show he surfaced in our home in the year 1959. How he got there remains a mystery. However, it was there that I first met “The Bear,” as he was affectionately know. From that time forth I had the pleasure to have him as my constant companion. I was only three at the time and didn’t realize what a special bear he was. Many cold and lonely nights were made warm and cozy due to the Bear’s influence. Teddy touched us all with his never changing big smile, and those arms that reached out for you at all times.

This we know of Teddy, he was not a rich bear. His fur was ragged and tattered, he wore no shoes, and many times it was said that he smelled. And yet there was something in his eyes that made you want to love him. Eyes are the windows to the soul, and Teddy’s never seemed to show bitterness at his misfortune. I could tell many stories of this fine Bear, tales that could warm your heart. I’ll just tell you that Teddy went through many trials. One such incident happened many years ago. It was at that time that I found him buried in a garbage can downstairs at my home. It was a terrible experience and if I hadn’t happened by he would have died that very day. His feelings were hurt but he never held a grudge against my mother for the attempt on his life. Later Teddy suffered through two years of solitary confinement in a closed, locked trunk. He did this to ensure his life while I was away at school.

Teddy suffered through many physical disorders. One time he received a huge gash in his left leg. Miraculously it healed and gave him no more trouble from that time forth. Teddy had twelve eye transplants. Many times he had the use of only one eye, and once he was declared legally blind. Smokey suffered through it all with that smile; never a murmur escaped his lips.

Despite objections from my wife, Teddy was allowed to play with my children, a dream both he and I had often shared. My children loved him as I did but objections to his smell and appearance became a major issue between my wife and I. I knew Teddy for what he was but my wife could only see his outward appearance. Now, Teddy has mysteriously disappeared! Since then I have hoped and prayed that “The Bear” would reappear. The time has now come that we all must face the reality that Teddy the Bear is gone for good.

Many rumors have been circulated around the country as to his whereabouts. Some say he is buried in the local county landfill, which lies five miles east of the city. Others maintain that he is still alive. Whatever the case may be, this much I know; Teddy will always live in my heart, as I’m sure he does in yours. And though rumors fly as to his whereabouts, whether he be alive or dead, this much you can be assured of, that those who maligned the Bear, those who said he stank, did not know him well.

You might ask me, “What do yo think happened to Teddy and where might he be at?” I will tell you! Teddy left as mysteriously as he came, without a word to me or anyone. I believe Teddy was someone special who has blessed the lives of millions of young children everywhere. Yes, I believe Teddy is alright, TRANSLATED to heaven, that’s my guess.

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