Days Never To Be Forgotten!


I received a short email from my younger sister a few years ago responding to a long ago event that I had shared via TheDiscipleMD. She wrote, ” I remember that so well- time sure has gone by!” For some reason, reading her response brought back another similar phrase written by Oliver Cowdery that is found in the footnotes of the “Joseph Smith History.” Referring to the time he spent translating the Book of Mormon that was dictated by the prophet, he wrote- “These were days never to be forgotten- to sit under the sound of a voice dictated by the inspiration of heaven, awakened the utmost gratitude of this bosom!”

Now I have never spent days in translation of a sacred text, but I have spent days “never to be forgotten.” Those type of days are many! Space and time will not allow me to expound on this statement in it’s totality, but reading my sister’s words brought back to my mind the sweet days that we, she and I, shared together as youth. Everyone should have their youth filled with days “never to be forgotten.” Fortunately, I had brothers and sisters that made that possible. They were particularly made sweet by the company of a little sister who always made me feel importance, showed me kindness and respect, and lived her life such that I could always be proud to be called her brother. It is a wonderful thing to have a sister like that. We spent many years growing up together; sharing our thoughts, hopes and dreams.

It has been many years since then, but…..the feelings I developed then still linger in my heart. They are “days I have never forgotten.” May each of us treasure our personal relationships on a daily basis, because “today’s day,” will become “yesterday’s day,” which will provide “tomorrow’s day” with “days never to be forgotten” which in turn will “awaken the utmost gratitude in our hearts.” And that ‘awakening’ is one of the greatest and choicest feelings one can experience in this life! And if for some reason a personal relationship has been fractured, reach out today and start the process of healing. You will never regret making the attempt!

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