It’s Easy To Be A Father; But Hard To Be A Dad!

A Father can be biologically connected to a child, but a Dad is both emotionally, and spiritually connected to his children as well. A Father can often be found writing checks to support his children, but a Dad is checking in on his children each and every night to make sure of their welfare. A Father can show up to an activity when it fits his schedule well, but a Dad’s schedule often revolves around the lives of his children so all is well.

A Father, we all have one, and respect is surely due his way. But a Dad is someone we yearn for and long to have embrace. I join the millions who celebrate this month by spending time with my Father who also happens to be my Dad. Their influence and example has stabilized nations, and blessed the lives of all since the days of Adam. Blessed be any child, who has them both in their life.

It’s easy to be a Father, but much harder to be a Dad. And there are numerous reasons why things don’t work out perfectly for many Fathers, some reasons of which are valid and unavoidable. But what a wonderful world it would be…if all Fathers really wanted to become a Dad!

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