What I Remember About the Day I Was Born!


Today is my Birthday, or so I have been told. I do have a birth certificate that serves as verification that I was born on May 12th.  But, what do I remember about the day I was born? Well…nothing! Yet, I have been told that it happened. And somehow, although I have no memory of it, I believe that I was born. And in all the years I have lived no one has ever doubted that I was in fact born.  I guess it goes back to the old philosophical explanation of , “I think, therefore I am! ” Yet somehow the belief that we lived before this life in a pre-existence with God seems, for many, improbable at best.  Why?  Well for many it is because we don’t remember it and we have no proof that our spirits existed before this life! Or do we?

Well we do have a document that actually does state that a pre-existence of spirits is real. It’s called the Bible. There are many references in the scriptures that allude that we existed before we came to earth. The War In Heaven between Jesus Christ and Satan alone, implies that there was life before we came here. Why is that important to know we existed before we came here? Well, it could imply that this life is just a stage of our existence and that if we had a pre-earth life, there very well is a post-earth life. And that knowledge might lead us to see that life here is just part of a journey, or that life has a meaning or purpose. Or that there is an organized plan for us all. From there, we can go anywhere in regards to our existence and it’s meaning.

Some might think that the Bible is not credible or worthy of trust. But this much I know; I don’t remember my birth but I accept I was born. I don’t remember a life before this one, but…I’m willing to believe. Because believing feels right in my heart and in my soul, just like believing in an afterlife. And that brings happiness and meaning to my life. And I so choose to believe this and grant the right to all others to agree or disagree.

So again, I celebrate today as the day I was born even though I don’t remember it. I trust in those who love me who say “Happy Birthday!” because…well…it makes me happy!

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