Why God Doesn’t Send Me His Angels! (He Gave Me Sisters Instead!)


For most of us there comes a time when we seek divine help from our God above. We pray for His guidance and daily affirmation.  We seek for his mercy and many times for His love and for relief. Could He just spare an Angel from above who can come and relieve us from all of our cares!

And while I still find myself asking for divine intervention from time to time. I have discovered through experience that the Angels I so desperately desire, have already been dispatched on my behalf. Some even before my birth.  A loving Father sent them to help me throughout my life.

I have discovered that God doesn’t send me His Angels when so often I ask.  He saves them for others who have not been so richly blessed. No need to send them to me and it’s not because he doesn’t love me.  On the contrary! No, He blessed me greater…he gave me sisters. What greater gift can a man have than cherubic sisters who care for and love their less angelic brothers.

So when next I find myself asking for help and that He dispatch one of His helpers, I will change my plea and ask that He send them to another who hasn’t been blessed with one of His earthly Angels.

So to sisters all over, perhaps us brothers don’t always show our appreciation on a regular basis, or perhaps not at all. But speaking for brothers everywhere may I thank you for your love, devotion and Christlike service to your lesser siblings. May you know that your service to us is of a heavenly nature and that we count you as one of the greatest blessings in our lives and that oft times we don’t even plead with the Lord for His angels to come. Because we know that He gave us sisters instead! (And your just a phone call away!)




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