When The World Teaches Your Total Worth Is Net


How does it feel when the world teaches your total worth is net? What car you drive, the house you live in, and the clothes you wear; are these the emblems of our sacrament? As our 60 inch live boxes open the world to us, how easy it is to draw the conclusion that the worth of a soul is based upon the amount of coinage of faces that we have accumulated in this life. And that true happiness is found in the jingling of the money purse wrapped so tightly around our waists!

Never before in history has avarice, greed, and envy been so promoted as easily as it is today. Showcased before our eyes, daily, is the continual drum of the ‘siren’s song’ that beckons our ships to the shallows of dangerous waters, where watery graves await those who enter the rocky narrows. If we are not careful we can become victims to the thought that our total worth is based on what we accumulate. We might also fall into the false conclusion that our value is based upon other worldly measurements, such as intelligence, talents, looks, titles, or accomplishments. How does it feel to be valued as such by the world? For most, the teaching of such brings forth feelings of worthlessness, depression, and fatigue because you can never measure up when your total worth is net!

So, what are we worth? I like how Kristin Matthews, a BYU associate Professor of English defined it a number of years ago. She taught:

“I hope you know that you are above and beyond those false measures of worth that we humans have created. You have an infinite value that has nothing to do with what your portfolio contains, what size you wear, what party you vote, what color your skin is, what your gender is, and so on. Why? First, because you are a human being, and all human beings have value. Second, because you are a child of heavenly parents who love you and see you for the valuable person you are.”

Simplicity can rarely be topped!

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