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Seven Small Habits Of A Great Wife!


Everyone is different so there are no sure-fire habits that work in every marriage, however, I share with you seven small habits my wife has that make her a great wife to me. I emphasize ‘small’ because all of them are easy to do, but seem so hard to maintain over an extended period of time.

1) When we walk together in a private or public place, my wife will often grab my arm and hold onto it. I don’t know why,  but my manhood soars as she seems to place herself in my care.

2) She smiles at me…a lot! How can you not love someone who is smiling at you? There is a warmth that exudes from a person who habitually smiles. How mad can you get at someone who bats her eyes at you when she has done something you don’t like? It’s hard to stay mad at someone like that.

3) She nudges me the direction she wants me to go, be it regarding physical, mental, or spiritual things. But she doesn’t shove me.  I don’t like being shoved. I suspect nobody does. I respond better when she encourages me.

4) From time to time she tells me I’m the greatest man she has ever known. I know it’s not true, but I like hearing that she might think it. Being told by your wife that she loves you is pretty common. Having her say you’re the greatest, or the nicest, or the most spiritual, or handsomest, or that you are the best at anything stays with you. When you got a wife who says that, you don’t want to disappoint her.

5) She laughs…easily! Nothing brightens my day more than hearing her laugh. It doesn’t matter if it is over something unimportant, dumb, or just silly. Hearing her laugh makes me think I am succeeding in making her happy. And believe it or not,  I think most husbands have that goal at the top of their list.

6) She looks at me when I speak to her. By looking at me she lets me know that she values what I am saying and that I have her attention. When the kids were little, she was wonderful to stop, look at,  and then listen to what the kids were saying. You can’t communicate love better than that.

7) She is affectionate! The world is a brutal place. When you walk out your door it is a battleground where your ego is being put on the line each and every hour. When I come home, I need someone there who will put their arm around me and help give me the strength to go out and face another day. I know it sounds corny, but her touch gives me strength and the courage to go right back out there and ‘fight the good fight.’ (2 Tim. 4:7) Without her touch, I feel alone in the world!

These seven small habits make a big difference in my life and in my marriage. There are many more, and I am sure that each relationship is uniquely different. Yet, as men and women we have essentially the same needs. A man and a woman, united,  can scale to great heights in this life.  At times, you can almost touch the stars,  and certainly a part of heaven can grace our marriages if we follow the example of our Savior by living a life of service and unselfishness.


Something Wonderful!


Definition for a miracle:

A miracle, is a fortuitous event believed to be caused by interposition of divine intervention by a supernatural being in the universe by which the ordinary course and operation of Nature is suspended, or modified. It is derived from the old Latin word miraculous meaning “something wonderful”. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

Several years ago  I watched a miracle happen and then held her in my arms. Weighting only 7 pounds 3 ounces the daughter of one of my sons came into this world.  It was “something wonderful!” A new life, a new daughter, a new niece,  and a new granddaughter.  Anyone who has witnessed such an event can only call it, ” a fortuitous event believed to be caused by interposition of divine intervention by a supernatural being.” Can anyone truly believe that it came about by chance. The divine nature of a new life is witness enough to me of the connection of man and of his nature to a loving God. Russel M. Ballard commented:

“When we look to see the evidence of creation all around us, from a grain of sand to the majestic planets, we begin to realize that we are the greatest of all God’s creations; we are created in his image. I was joyfully reminded of this fact three weeks ago when our twenty-fourth grandchild was born. I was again filled with wonder and love to hold this precious infant in my arms, to contemplate the miracle of birth, and to see a child born into mortality who had come so recently from the presence of our Father in Heaven.

The gift of new life brings a profound feeling of reverence. Parents and other family members are drawn closer together. Even little children sense a feeling of awe and wonder. They want to hold the baby, touch it, run their hands over its warm, soft head, or extend a finger for it to grasp and hold.Welcoming this new little spirit into our family circle brought home once more to me an incredible truth. I realized again that God created the earth in all its magnificent glory, not as an end in itself, but for us, his children. Indeed, we are his children, his offspring, and he is the Father of our spirits. (Ensign 1988, May, “God’s Love for His Children”).

Five times I held infants in my arms, knowing that I had been a partner, not only with my wife, but with God in bringing forth a new life into this world. It is a miracle that never ceases to amaze. Since then, three of those miracles has produced seven more miracles. And so it goes; onward!

My eyes are raised in reverence to a Father in Heaven who allows us to participate in the glorious goal of His work, which is to “bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man!” That day, when my granddaughter was born, I once again saw the character of God in her tiny face and recognized Him as the supreme creator of life.  I dare not deny it. Blessed be His name!


Life Is A Dangerous Gauntlet! (Buckle Up!)


I have never had a more nerve-racking experience than the trip I took driving from San Antonio, Texas, to the small Texan town of Kerrville. It was near dusk when I got on highway I-10 going north. That strip of highway is about 50 miles long. It is a highway that is barren of vegetation so your vision is unimpaired, giving you a magnificent vista of the landscape. About 30 miles from Kerrville sits the small town of Boerne. It is there that my journey turned terrifying as I began to see herds of deer standing beside the open road. There were literally hundreds of them standing in close proximity. They stood on both sides of the highway seemingly oblivious to the cars that were speeding by. As an insurance agent I had heard many stories of deer running out into the path of cars causing property damage and on occasion injury or death to the passengers. My rented mini-van was full of family so not only was I fearful for my own life, but also for the safely of my wife and kids. As I drove along I was reminded of a famous line from a long forgotten TV program called “Lost in Space.” The outer space adventure starred a little boy named Will Robinson who had a trusted robot friend. Whenever Will looked to be in peril the robot would say, “Danger Will Robinson, danger!” Well, those words echoed in my mind as I drove along, “Danger, Will Robinson, danger!”

My wife, playing the robot role, kept reminding me of the peril and that I should slow down. But the tension and pressure of driving under such circumstances only made me want to drive faster. As the light of the day dimmed with the setting sun, my vision deceased and so did the images of the deer. Now my lights began to pick up flashes of them as we sped onward. I’ve never gripped a wheel tighter and been so on edge as I was during that stretch of highway. Besieged by unpredictable animals on all sides, my face was soaked with perspiration by the time we reached Kerrville. And although none of the deer actually came out onto the highway, and we reached our destination safely without incident, I never forgot the experience.

The word “Gauntlet” has several meanings. But, according to Wikepedia, “Running the gauntlet is a form of physical punishment wherein a man is compelled to run between two rows-a gauntlet-of soldiers who strike him as he passes” Thus it’s origin came from the military and was often used on condemned men. “In some traditions, if the condemned was able to finish the run and exit the gauntlet at the far end, his faults would be deemed paid, and he would rejoin his comrades with a clean slate” (Wikepedia).

Well, I had “run the gauntlet” that day in Texas, and survived! I don’t know how the locals do it, but I respect their ability and courage to do so. Though if I had to guess, I would say that on occasion  a few deer have surely run out in front of them causing perilous collisions!

There is no question in my mind that we are daily “running the gauntlet” here on earth. We are surrounded on all sides with temptation and the evil influences of this world. We live here on earth and a “highway” has been provided by the Lord whereby we can reach our destination in safety. We have been condemned to some degree because we have been cut off from the presence of the Lord. But if we stay on the paved road and follow the markers and road signs given to us by prophets, and through personal revelation, we will succeed. Then we will be like the condemned soldiers of old. We will be able to finish the run and exit the gauntlet with our faults deemed paid, by the blood of Christ. And we will rejoice with our comrades, being cleaned of our sins and having a clean slate before the Lord.

We are all “running the gauntlet” of life. It is dangerous, but Heavenly Father has provided each of us with our own “robot” that tells us when danger is upon us. It is the Holy Spirit. We would be wise to heed its prompting! The spirit may not be able to protect us against all the consequences of “deer” that leap in front of our path, but it will happen less often and the consequences will be on a far minor scale than if we get off the path and go on our own. Life can be a long ride, and “running the gauntlet” takes courage, determination, dedication, obedience and inspiration. But I learned from a long stretch of Texan highway, that it can be done successfully! Buckle up!



A ‘Boy Scout’ Behind The ‘Gates Of Hell’


He was eighteen, just graduated from High School, when he was greeted that summer morning on the construction site by the Forman with, “So you are the Boy Scout we have head about.” It was not said in a complimentary manner and he wasn’t referring to the actual Boy Scouts. He was referring to the recommendation that had preceded the young man’s employment of being a ‘goody two shoes.’

Soon it was common knowledge among the workers that this young man was a bit different. How different? Well, he happened to believe that the law of chastity was sacred, that drinking and smoking were not something good for his body and the basic tenants of Christianity were worth living.
For the next several months the ‘Boy Scout’ was constantly challenged regarding his beliefs. Vile things were said to his face on a daily basis. It became unbearable for the young man. Each morning he was treated to questioning from the eight men he worked with regarding his morals and he was repeatedly shown pornographic images that were posted about the site. The language was very course and vile regarding his code and on more than one occasion the young man found himself sitting alone in his car eating lunch praying for strength that somehow he could endure another day behind the gates of Hell.

The personal persecution became so intense that eventually he quit the good paying job, as the benefit of the monetary gain was overcome by the pain and suffering inflicted. He lost the job, but he kept his standards.

There are many ‘Boy Scouts’ out there working in environments that are less than desirable who can’t afford to lose their jobs. Perhaps you are one! Don’t’ lose courage, keep the faith and don’t compromise your standards! Follow the counsel of Paul:
“ O man of God, flee these things; and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness. Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life…” (1 Timothy 6:11-12)

Jesus Christ told Peter that on the rock of revelation he would build his church. He told him that ‘the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.’ (Matt. 16: 18) Take courage that as the ‘gate’ opens and closes each day that if we seek personal revelation for power and strength, the Lord will not let us down. From one ‘Boy Scout’ to another, take courage!

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