A Smile She Gives Only To Me!

The other day I was driving my car to the shop for some repairs. My wife was following me in her car. At one point, I came to a stoplight. She was driving her car right behind me, and I could see her in my car mirrors. As we waited for the light to change, I brought my hand up and waved to her. In the rearview mirror, I saw her flash me a smile. And what a smile! In a moment, all kinds of memories flooded into my mind. I remember ‘that smile’ when I first met her when she came out from her college bedroom as I waited in the tiny living room of her apartment. ‘That smile flashed into my mind each time we were apart as I met her at the airport upon my return. ‘That smile’ has been a part of every major happy event in my life. I know that smile! It’s been forty-five years. It’s super sexy and cool! She has been flashing me ‘that smile’ all the days of my adult life. I know it sounds somewhat corny. Perhaps it is sickening to some, but what can I say? It’s a personal smile I think she gives only to me. It’s a smile that conveys love, tenderness, appreciation, and all of the other emotions that come with true love. It even drew lust out of me! It’s been a long and winding forty-five years of marriage. Our life together has been filled with every human emotion known to man, both good and bad. But, at that moment, at that stoplight, as dusk was falling, she gave me her private smile.

The light changed, I focued on driving, and I once again was in the ‘real’ world’ with all its complexity. As I hit the accelerator, I thought how wonderful it was that I could escape all of the problems of the world. Because I saw that smile, and for just a moment, I glimpsed heaven and what it is all about. And a small smile came to my face as I had a brief respite from care. Because there I was again, headed to a repair shop, preparing myself to pay another unexpected bill.

Tomorrow will come with all the unexpected challenges the world has to give. But it is sure nice to know you have someone who is by your side who can still lift you with just a look! The look of love!

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