Every Day Is “Christmas” When I Spend It With You!

As I was thinking today of “Christmas Past,” I couldn’t help but get this deep feeling in my soul of warmth, wonderful memories, and cherished thoughts. “It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” the songsters sing! Indeed, it is a cornucopia of goodness that washes over my soul. And although my mother dominates my childhood memories of love and warmth, it is my wife who is central to most of my life. She is the mother of my children, my companion, and the woman of my dreams.

So today, as I was reflecting upon another Christmas past, I couldn’t help but think of how much goodness has come into my life because of her. And I sent her a text that said, “Every day is “Christmas” when I spend it with you!” I share this in a public forum because I think it is important to know that the world is full of loving couples who have been married for decades who cherish their relationship, and love their spouses with all their hearts. Life is certainly full of thorns and thistles as well as wine and roses. But everyone needs to know that love and marriage can work and that when it does, it is a wonderful thing. It’s a thing of beauty! A good marriage is like a raging bonfire of goodness that will consume a couple with the fire of love.

Christmas is a time of celebration of our Savior. He can be the savior to any marriage if both parties commit to live within the bounds set and adhere to the teachings he gave regarding true love. So look to the Savior; “Christmas” can come more than once a year. It can come as often as you and your spouse plan it. Let’s make “Christmas” a monthly, weekly, or daily event in our homes. “I’ll be home for Christmas,” and it doesn’t have to be “only in my dreams!”

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