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Lessons From My Granddaughter

TheDiscipleMD A few years ago I wrote these thoughts: “It has been so many years since I have watched, up close, the life of a small child.  I have forgotten the lessons I should have learned from them when I raised my own.  Since becoming a grandfather I have had the pleasure of watching my […]


I Fall In Love All Over Again!

TheDiscipleMD When I married my wife she knew of my passion for sports, in particular, Baseball. Not only had I been playing it since I could walk but I passionately followed it and was an avid fan of the New York Yankees.  She however, had no knowledge of the game or for that matter, any interest in its […]


May Our Tongues Tastefully Delight In Being Covered By Words Of Praise

TheDiscipleMD “The sometimes stern Duke of Wellington, in the sunset of his life, was asked how he could do better if he were to live his life over again. Said he, “I should have given more praise.” How many of us display that same deficiency? Joseph Smith emphasized the importance of our understanding the character […]


The Stuff Of Which Eternity Is Made

TheDiscipleMD A couple of years ago we held our annual family Christmas party. The highlight for me was when time was turned over to my father, then 87, to say a few words. He spoke a few words about my mother, his deceased wife. In his remarks, referring to my mother, he said: “She was made of the right […]

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