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If Only I Had Married Another, My Life Would Be So Much Better!

TheDiscipleMD Almost every decision we make in this life has consequences, be it good or bad.  None more so than the person we choose to marry and spend our life with.  Our partner becomes the mother or father of our children who has tremendous influence on their happiness and the moral values they are taught. […]


When You Are ‘The Bishop’

TheDiscipleMD It had been a long day! I had been set apart as Bishop earlier that afternoon. I had been in meetings all day with numerous leaders and members. It was now 10:00 PM. Meetings that began at 6:30 am were now over and I had just walked into the door and sat down. What […]


Where Have All The Fathers Gone? (When Will They Ever Learn!)

TheDiscipleMD In 7th grade I had a gym teacher for about a month who was a substitute for a sick teacher. He was a middle-aged man who seemed nice.  One morning I was in the wrestling room with all the other boys, warming up, rolling around on the mats when he stuck his head into the door and asked […]

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Snoring AndThe Conundrum of Guilty!…But Innocent!

TheDiscipleMD Many years ago I was attending a business conference that lasted for two weeks. It so happened that a complete stranger was assigned as my roommate. He seemed like a pleasant fellow but the arrangement lasted only one night. It lasted only one night because he snored so loud that the room shook. The […]

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