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Where Have All The Fathers Gone? (When Will They Ever Learn!)

TheDiscipleMD In 7th grade I had a gym teacher for about a month who was a substitute for a sick teacher. He was a middle-aged man who seemed nice.  One morning I was in the wrestling room with all the other boys, warming up, rolling around on the mats when he stuck his head into the door and asked […]

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Snoring AndThe Conundrum of Guilty!…But Innocent!

TheDiscipleMD Many years ago I was attending a business conference that lasted for two weeks. It so happened that a complete stranger was assigned as my roommate. He seemed like a pleasant fellow but the arrangement lasted only one night. It lasted only one night because he snored so loud that the room shook. The […]

A staff fixes the presidential seal befo

The Presidency: ‘To Whom Shall We Go?”

TheDiscipleMD One of my earliest childhood memories was the tragic assassination of the President of the United States, John F. Kennedy. As a young boy I was taught to honor and give great respect to the President of our Country. Times change and our culture has become coarse, invasive and a bit nasty. Our media […]


Where There Are No Earthly Limitations

TheDiscipleMD A final note I wrote regarding the sudden death of my brother-in-law a number of years ago: “It is tragic and sad but made bearable by the knowledge and testimony of the restored gospel. My sister has a strong testimony of the plan of salvation and has been greatly comforted by that knowledge. There […]

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