If We Have Desires!


The birth of the Carpenter’s son has had more impact on this world than any other birth in the history. Men’s lives have been changed and more good has been brought about by way of Christ’s birth then any other single event. Unfortunately much evil and misery has also been brought upon mankind by the abuse of Christ’s name and abuse of the doctrine that He taught. The gospel of Jesus Christ is really very simple. It is man who make it complex and confusing. If we would but follow the teachings of the Master, we could live in a world of peace and harmony.

My life would be empty without the gospel and my wife and I have often wondered what life would be like without the gospel to give us hope. What a joy it is to know of the plan of salvation and the purpose of life. That we are more than just a burst of shooting stars across the universe with no purpose and no meaning.

Most earth travelers are looking for something meaningful; something that they never find in cars, houses, and money. Their souls yearn for something of substance, something that will fill their bellies and make them full. That is why the Savior said to the woman at the well that water would quench her thirst for a short time; but that the His gospel would quench her thirst forever. What a great blessing it is, and how lucky we are to have been blessed with it! Christ does live and the true gospel that He established is here to stay. Indeed, adherence to the commandments of the gospel will contribute to our happiness and magnify the joy that is to be found here on earth. It is ours for the taking if we have desires!

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