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Not Properly Fit For The Wedding

TheDiscipleMD A number of years ago, my third son was getting married. Since he was marrying a young woman from out-of-state, it fell upon me to order the tuxedos and to make sure that the proper sizes were ordered for the reception. Everyone was good about sending in their measurements. But to be safe, all […]


I Credit My Wife!

TheDiscipleMD I’ve done many things over the years to get attention but seldom has one decision caused such a stir as when I present my bank card to vendors.  A couple of years ago I took advantage of the bank’s offer to put a personal picture on my bank card. I chose a then recent picture of my spouse. Almost without exception […]

running boy

Racing A Girl (The Mindset Of Fear!)

TheDiscipleMD As a little boy growing up I was known  to be the fastest runner in the school. However my identity was threatened one day in fifth grade as we were timed running around the black top of the playground. As the class was too big to have us all timed at once we ran in […]


Of Women And Men!

TheDiscipleMD Sometimes lessons come over time, other times they come in a flash of a moment. If I needed reminding, such was the case a couple of years ago when I heard the laughter of my then 2-year-old granddaughter while I pushed her on the swing set. My wife and I had taken her out to the local playground. She climbed up the […]

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