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Sofia’s Choice

TheDiscipleMD Sophie’s Choice is a novel written in 1979 by William Styron. Later it was made into a movie of the same name. (1982) In it a young polish mother named Sophie, is forced into making a life and death decision at a German concentration camp. She is forced to choose to save one of her two […]


Not Properly Fit For The Wedding

TheDiscipleMD A number of years ago, my third son was getting married. Since he was marrying a young woman from out-of-state, it fell upon me to order the tuxedos and to make sure that the proper sizes were ordered for the reception. Everyone was good about sending in their measurements. But to be safe, all […]


When Suicide Enters Our Mind!

TheDiscipleMD I know many have battled, at different times in their lives, with the thought of ending it all. By so doing, the pain will end,  and they will cease to suffer the extremities of their agony be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. I have never reached that point in my life, yet, like many, I have taken […]

old tv 2

Our Lives From Black & White… To Color… To HD!

TheDiscipleMD I stepped into the family room of my next door neighbor and waited for him to get ready. As I stood there in the room I glanced towards the TV set to see that a college football game was in progress. But, my eyes became transfixed on the set, as the game seemed to […]

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