I Credit My Wife!


I’ve done many things over the years to get attention but seldom has one decision caused such a stir as when I present my bank card to vendors.  A couple of years ago I took advantage of the bank’s offer to put a personal picture on my bank card. I chose a then recent picture of my spouse. Almost without exception they ask me if the picture is of my wife. When I reply that it is, guys usually say, That’s neat!’ or something like that.  If it is a girl, she swoons! My wife is embarrassed by the whole thing! What I have found is that around town I am only recognized as “that guy’ with the picture of his wife on his bank card. I guess I could be known for less.

A few months ago we took a trip and as I was paying for a hotel one night, the woman clerk asked me if the picture on my card was of my wife. After she complimented me on having her on the card, she said, “You must love her very much.”  Well, I really hadn’t thought that having her face on my card as some grand demonstration of my undying love, but I replied, “Well, yes. It’s nice when I am traveling to see her face often, reminding me of what I have waiting for me at home.” Then I continued with a smile, “After all, I give her all the ‘credit’ for making me what I am.”  Well, the gal behind the desk became so dreamy-eyed that I was left in an uncomfortable situation. It seems she became lost in her thoughts of  how her ‘Knight in shinning armour’ was going to come rescue her from her job, or something. I just stood there for a few seconds before I politely asked for my card back.

Well, today my wife celebrates another year on this earth. And while I joke about my bank card, which she hates, without question she really does deserve ‘unlimited credit’ for putting up with me and making me a better man. And although in his epistle to the Corinthians, Paul was referring to something different, I think if is apropos to express that, having her on my bank card is a way that I can have ‘…the image of the earthy, (and) also bear the image of the heavenly.’ (1 Corinthians 15:49)

As with most husbands, I give credit to all that I am,  to a strong, loving, and patient wife who stands by her man, elevating me to aspire to celestial living that can not only be found in heaven, but also here on earth.



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