Sofia’s Choice


Sophie’s Choice is a novel written in 1979 by William Styron. Later it was made into a movie of the same name. (1982) In it a young polish mother named Sophie, is forced into making a life and death decision at a German concentration camp. She is forced to choose to save one of her two children, while knowing the other will be killed. Her resulting choice torments her throughout her life and eventually leads to her suicide.  It is a horrible and wicked decision she is forced into making.

I was reminded of this novel, when I happened to hear of the lawsuit filled by one, Nick Loeb, ex-fiance to the actress Sofia Vergara. It is reported that:

“There are two cryopreserved female embryos at the center of the lawsuit, which notes that Vergara “hoped [would] ultimately be destroyed,” while Loeb wants them saved. The fertility center used by the then-couple reportedly had Loeb and Vergara fill out forms about what would happen to the embryos in the event of death, but not in the event of their separation.” (MSN)

Wonderful advances in science have blessed the lives of many, including those in my immediate family, yet, we are dealing with the most sacred of all things; human life. While the actress and her lover are battling it out, I can’t help but wonder about the ramification for the future of the two children involved.  Nameless, and without voice, they are now pawns in the moral battleground of our new society. Their very existence is now dependent on the ‘opinions’ of the courts, as has been the fate of millions of other unborn humans.

Having held four of my precious grandchildren in my arms who were aided by modern science, I have marveled at the blessing of man coming together with God to bless the lives of so many.  However, with power comes responsibility, and after listening and pondering on this couple,  I am left to wonder, “Is man up to the task, and what will be the ramification for those who are forced to choose between life and death.  Should it just be, ‘Sofia’s choice?'”

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