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The Circle Of A Service Life

TheDiscipleMD One of the advantages of living in the same area for many years is seeing “the circle of a service life”. As a young father of five children I had heavy demands on my time. Between tying to gain an education, making a living and serving in the church, every moment of my time […]


Waiting For The ‘Epithany’ (That May Never Come)

TheDiscipleMD “One of the most remarkable events in the history of the world happened on the road to Damascus. You know well the story of Saul, a young man who had “made havock of the church, entering into every house … [committing the Saints] to prison.”Saul was so hostile that many members of the early […]


We Need To Be “On The Move” To Receive Revelation

“Fundamental to any effort to receive revelation is a commitment to do all we can with our own efforts and judgment. This means we need to serve and to work. Going forward with our service and work is an important way to qualify for revelation. In my study of the scriptures I have noted that […]

airplane window

A ‘Plane’ View Of The Vanity Of Man

TheDiscipleMD Last year as my airplane circled above Denver on the flight to Utah, I peered out the window to see the beautiful sites of the city below. We were sufficiently high enough that only plots of land were distinguishable and the homes that sat on them looked like the size homes you find in […]

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