We Need To Be “On The Move” To Receive Revelation

“Fundamental to any effort to receive revelation is a commitment to do all we can with our own efforts and judgment. This means we need to serve and to work.

Going forward with our service and work is an important way to qualify for revelation. In my study of the scriptures I have noted that most revelation to the children of God comes when they are on the move, not when they are sitting back in their habitations waiting for the Lord to tell them the first step to take.” (Dallin Oaks, “In His Own Time, In His Own Way”, Aug, 2013, Ensign)

The above quote by Dallin Oaks sheds light on the important principle that we need to be doing our part if we expect the Lord to guide and direct us in our lives. It is simply not enough, nor in conformance with the purpose of life,  to sit back and expect the Lord to direct every aspect of our life by simply asking Him.

I have known people who are frozen to move forward because on a daily basis they seek divine guidance on how to live the most minute aspects of their lives. It is no wonder that in so doing they open themselves up to communication that is not always of God. Elder Oaks, in the same address quoted William E. Berrett, who he characterized as “one of the finest gospel teachers at BYU, who said:

“Those who pray that the Spirit might give them immediate guidance in every little thing throw themselves open to false spirits that seem ever ready to answer our pleas and confuse us. … The people I have found most confused in this Church are those who seek personal revelations on everything. They want the personal assurance from the Spirit from daylight to dark on everything they do. I say they are the most confused people I know because it appears sometimes that the answer comes from the wrong source.”

Elder Oaks statement of “on the move”,  is a wonderful concept to remember on how each of us should be moving forward with our lives.  While doing so we can ask for guidance and direction from the Lord. The old seaman’s adage of , “Pray to God but row for shore,” is sound advice and wise for us to practice in the daily living of our lives.


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