My Sister, Who Rains Smiles!


If you have ever met that person who seems to be happy all the time, one whose constant traveling companion is a smile, you might think they can’t be for real…but for some it can! At least I know it is for my sister. Always bright, ever cheery, welcoming and warm; her life is not devoid of heartache and problems; she just chooses to look for the good that the Lord has given her. That might make some people jealous, or maybe even skeptical. I think it makes my sister a good person and one who chooses to bless the lives of others, as would Christ, with a little sunshine!

All of us descend into the “depths of hell” from time to time and certainly we can all feel sorry for the ways things “might have been” when it comes to our lives, or that of our families. But the true test of our character is how we go about our daily lives when those dreary days fall upon. What I love about my sister, is that she “chooses” to be bright. She chooses to be that “light on the hill” that cannot be hid. (Matt. 5:14) I know she must have moments of sorrow and despair, as we all do, but I think she has faith in the Lord, and in the plan of happiness as designed by our loving Father, which elevates her out of the common quagmire of sorrow. True faith in the eternal nature of families can lift and inspire us to overcome the world. I think that is what I most admire about my sister. She has internalized the council of Dieter Uchtdorf who taught us to “lift where we stand!”

So to you my older sister, I am ever grateful that I can always go to someone who lifts me to a higher state of mind, and who is a builder of people. You have been crowed a queen by the world long ago, but in my mind, that crown pales in comparison to the eternal reward that awaits those like you, who brighten the lives of their fellowman and bring joy and happiness into this lone and dreary world! May this day “rain smiles” on you (as you do for others) and flood your heart with joy for all the happiness you have given to others.

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