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abraham and issac

Did Sarah Know?

TheDiscipleMD In Genesis the Lord commanded Abraham to offer his only son as a sacrifice. Most of us remember this as a story of Abraham’s great faith in being obedient to the Lord’s command, yet there are other lessons to be learned. Often lost in this story is the pain that Abraham and Sarah experienced […]

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The Pattering Of Little Feet

TheDiscipleMD A number of years ago I awoke from a good nights sleep to a familiar sound. It was a sound of days long past. As I lay in bed it took me a moment to recognize it. It was the sound of the “pattering of little feet.” It was the noise made by the sound of […]


Who Knows What The Tide Could Bring!

TheDiscipleMD Five years ago or so I wrote these words in my journal: “… I am satisfied that there is nothing I could be doing that is of more importance than the work of the Lord. I am grateful each day for life and liberty.” Sometimes it is easy to take each day for granted. […]


Mother, I’m Still Trying to Make It To You!

TheDiscipleMD Sometimes as I am driving along a song will come on the radio that will remind me of my mother.  She left this world more than ten years ago but her powerful influence still lingers in my life. I was fortunate to have been born to a wonderful mother who enjoyed her “job”. In fact, I’m pretty sure she would be offended […]

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