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woman at the well

‘Be Well’ Or ‘Stay Thirsty My Friend’

TheDiscipleMD The birth of the Carpenter’s son, and his life teachings,  has brought about more good in this world than the combined lives of us all.  The change for good that his teachings have on mankind is incalculable.  Christ’s birth is a hallmark for the ages and is the most important event in the history of this […]

David Bednar

Small Nuggets Of Spiritual Education

TheDiscipleMD As a young boy, I always looked forward to General Conference weekend, and not because I was naturally “spiritual.” No, in Maryland, back in the 1960’s and 70’s, General Conference was not available via satellite transmission per today’s technology. Thus, General Conference provided for me, a free weekend from church! The Saturday night Priesthood […]


A Titanic Moment Of Romance

In 1997 the motion picture ‘Titanic’ was released.  It seemed to have the perfect plot for both men and women; a romance on a doomed ship. My wife and I wanted to go see the movie, but had heard from friends that there was one scene that we might find objectionable. The scene involved a brief view […]


When They Call Us By Our First Name

TheDiscipleMD Yesterday I was on the phone with a salesman. He began his presentation by calling me by my first name. For some reason, salesmen are now being taught that if they say your first name five times in the first thirty seconds, somehow you will believe that they are a close friend. Their opening […]

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