What We Do for Ourselves Dies…What We Do For Others Is Immortal!


Albert Pine once said:
“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Each of us will brush up against others during our sojourn here on earth. Almost all who come to this earth leave footprints, some soft and small, others large and deep. But whether small or large, deep or soft, all of us have the opportunity to leave imprints of immortal significance. Some of our immortal imprint is left in our posterity of course, but those without posterity can also leave lasting impressions on the world. Jesus Christ himself being the chief example! His life, a true life of sacrifice and devotion to others, stands as the premier model in living a life of “doing for others.” And who can argue against the fact that the influence of his life “remains” and is “immortal.”

The attendance or size of a person’s funeral precession is certainly not an indication of the size of one’s footprint. I have noticed over the years that the funerals of a young person taken in sudden death are often highly attended and publicized, while the very old seem to enter into the grave with hardly a notice. The elderly almost seem to slip out the back door of life, without so much as a graceful bow or a shake of the hand. It is a bit unfortunate as their lives have often left large and deep imprints on the lives of many. There are a number of reasons why this happens but I think it is important to understand that an ignominious death is not equivalent to an ignominious life. After all, Christ had but a handful attend his harried funeral.

Certainly Albert Pine hit on a truth when he said that ‘…what we do for others and the world remains.” But I might add, that not only what one does for others become immortal, but that service “remains” as an immortal testimony of the goodness of a soul, which brings to the worthy recipient “eternal” and “celestial” life with God.

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