A “Fishy” Explanation Of The Beginning Of Man


My wife came home from her home heath visits the other day and informed me that one of her patients told her about her belief that man evolved from a fish.  “I assume”, I said, “that she doesn’t believe in God.” My wife nodded and said, “That’s right. She saw a documentary on television the other night about it, and that she believed it to be true.”

Her patient’s statement brought me back to experiment I did while leading a group of girls on a hike several years ago. Prior to the hike I had placed my wristwatch under a tree about a mile from the start of our three-mile nature walk.  When we reached the designated spot I pointed to my watch that I had placed under the tree and said, “What is that?”  One of the girls walked over and picked it up and said, “It’s somebody’s watch.” I said, “How do you know it’s somebody’s watch.”  She looked kinda funny at me and said, “Well, it has to be somebody’s watch, it didn’t just fall there by itself.”  “Well, how do you know that. It could have just evolved and made itself over time, don’t you think? I mean, over time, the pieces of that watch could have come together due to the elements working on it.”  She gave me an incredulous look of, “Sure, right!”

Well, I’m not one to criticize anyone else’s take on the beginning of life and if there was intelligence behind it,  but the explanation that we come from such humble beginning seems rather “fishy” to me! When I look about and view the world in all it’s majesty, I just can’t help but believe, logically, that there is something behind it.

So if you ever come across a wristwatch in the woods and you think it evolved into the time piece that it is,  without any help from an intelligence being, ponder and think about it. I don’t know what your conclusion will be, but as for me, I choose to believe based on faith…and logic, that it didn’t just evolve.

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