A ‘Hair Raping’ Experience!

I hadn’t had my haircut for a couple of months. My regular hairdresser was busy, so I ventured. From time to time I have used one of the local discount salons. This particular chain salon I have used when I get desperate and they had an opening, so I set the time as it was the same day I was available…meaning they had an open that afternoon.

When I sat down the hair stylist informed me that according to my past history, I had received a number three haircut. Well, I’m not one to be too particular so I said, “Well, I not sure what that is?” She took her electric clippers and while buzzing up one sideburn she said, “It’s this!” I couldn’t tell from one little buzz on he sideburn so I said, “Looks OK!” Her next move was to buzz me straight down the middle of my head to the scalp. I was in such shock as she chipperly talked that it was the second stripe down the middle of my head that made me realize that she was actually cutting my entire head to the scalp.

The next couple of minutes went by in a flash and the adrenalin of the ‘shock and awe’ of having your head shaved by a chatty hairdresser is a rush I don’t want to experience again. As I got out of the chair, without ever saying a word, she announced, “There goes a new man!” Indeed!

My wife was waiting for me in the car so when I sat down and she glanced up from texting on her phone, the look of unbelief was priceless. “What happened!” is still resounding in my head. Shortly thereafter she sent a photo, with my permission, to our kids. The texts lasted for hours. One son called and literally laughed for 45 minutes. Since it was a Saturday, the next day we were due in church. When I got up to get ready I looked in the mirror an said to my wife, “I can’t do it” She smiled and I took the next 24 hours to gear up for a week of laughter at work at my expense.

My kids jokingly asked if I tipped her; which I did! They asked if I said anything to her after the butchery! “No” I said, “What would have been the point!” After the first buzz down the middle of my head, I was committed.

A bad haircut is not the worse thing in life. My hair, I’m told, will grow back. There is always a ‘Silver Lining’ in all bad things in life. For one, two people from church, not knowing the background, wanted to start a ‘go-fund-me’ for my illness and now I’m constantly having people come up to me and thank me for ‘my service.’ I’m even finding that I get deeper discounts when stores automatically start to give me both a ‘senior’ and ‘military’ discount!

There can be so many upsetting things in life, most of which are not that important. When those things come up in our lives, its better just to embrace it, move on, and enjoy the amazingly comedic tragedy we call life. P.S. Please contrite to my go-fund-me as that haircut cost me seventeen dollars. Ouch!

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