A Knowledge Of Truth Is Of Little Value Unless…


A few years ago, I had some blood tests run. My doctor called me to tell me that everything was fine, except my cholesterol was a little high. He said we would need to keep an eye on it. I kept an “eye” on it but did nothing more. Six months later I returned for additional testing and my cholesterol level was higher. He put me on some daily medication. Most of the time I take it, but sometimes I get lazy and forget. My wife (who is a registered nurse) tells me I’m being foolish and that someday soon, if I don’t listen to the doctor, she will be changing my Depends diapers! She tells me I need to follow my physician’s instructions of watching what I eat and making sure I take the medication as prescribed. “I’m still young,” I think. Then I laugh and brush it off. But I won’t be laughing when the consequences of my inaction actually arrives in my life.

My lack of common sense on this matter reminds me of some remarks given by Richard G. Scott. A few years ago he spoke about making decisions based on truth. In his talk he explained that there are two ways to find truth. He taught that the first way is the scientific method and then described its limitations. He then taught that revelation is the second and trustworthier. However, he made this point

“A knowledge of truth is of little value unless we apply it in making correct decisions. Consider for a moment a man, heavily overweight, approaching a bakery display. In his mind are these thoughts: The doctor told you not to eat any more of that. It’s not good for you. It just gives momentary gratification of appetite. You’ll feel uncomfortable the rest of the day after it. You’ve decided not to have any more. But then he hears himself say, “I’ll have two of those almond twists and a couple of those chocolate doughnuts. One more time won’t hurt. I’ll do it just once more, and this will be the last time.” (“Truth: The Foundation of Correct Decisions”)

All of us are spiritually “sick” to some degree. The Savior said, “They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”(Mark 2:17) All of us are in need of healing!

The Lord has called on others to be spiritual “healers.” We recognize them as modern apostles and prophets. May we not only listen to their counsel, but also follow it. Ignoring the advice of the doctors of our physical bodies can lead to unwanted heath issues, but of much greater consequence is ignoring the counsel of our spiritual physicians. Our eternal heath and happiness “depends” on it!


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